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Put OA policies into practice in minutes, not months.

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Use OA.Report ’s open insights and actionable strategies to unlock your institution’s research.
A screenshot of the OA.Report user interface showing Open Access insights and a list of proposed strategies to open closed-access content.

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OA.Report translates policy to practice by helping libraries and funders:

  • Discover

    articles covered by their policies

    We discover articles and data using open scholarly metadata, targeted text and data mining, and an institution’s internal data sources.

  • Analyze

    if and how articles comply

    We transparently analyse those articles against all the terms of the institution’s current policy, or custom criteria, to provide detailed statistics and key insights.

  • Unlock

    individual articles and systemic changes

    We help libraries and funders unlock individual articles as they’re published by making outreach a one-click process, and help build evidence for systemic changes.

How OA.Report works for you

  1. 1

    Tell us what institution you’re from.

  2. 2

    We’ll provide a custom report.

  3. 3

    You use it to make articles more open.

Our funders

Built in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with grant support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


When will OA.Report be available?

OA.Report is available now, but we’re rolling it out slowly. To get access, you can reach out directly, or if you sign up, we’ll be in touch.

What will OA.Report cost?

We will provide a free tier (as with all OA.Works tools), and we’ll provide a paid option with flexible pricing.

What data does OA.Report use?

We build on open data like OpenAlex, Crossref and ShareYourPaper. In our paid plans, we can ingest an institution's internal data, and collect our own to help power more insights and strategies.

Does OA.Report work without an Open Access Policy?

Yes! We can measure a wide range of Open Access indicators with or without a policy.

Can you track data, code, and other research outputs?

Yes! At the moment, we focus on research outputs associated with articles, but we plan to expand to any outputs.

What type of policies will OA.Report cover?

Almost any type of policy, e.g funder, university, and national. This includes policies that require submission dates, grant IDs, or other complex criteria to determine compliance.