Put OA policies into practice in minutes, not months.

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What is this?

Writing an Open Access policy is hard, implementing it is harder.

OAreport translates policy to impact by helping libraries and funders:

  • Discover

    papers covered by their policies

    We discover papers and data using open scholarly metadata, targeted text and data mining, and an institution’s internal data sources.

  • Analyze

    if and how papers comply

    We transparently analyse those papers against all the terms of the institution’s current policy, or custom criteria, to provide detailed statistics and key insights.

  • Unlock

    individual papers and systemic changes

    We help libraries and funders unlock individual papers as they’re published by making outreach a one-click process, and help build evidence for systemic changes.

Our funder

Built in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

How OAreport works for you

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    Tell us what institution you’re from.

  2. 2

    We’ll provide a custom report.

  3. 3

    You use it to make papers more open.


When will OAreport be available?

We don’t know. OAreport is already powering work at the Gates Foundation, and we’re working to make it generally available. If you’d like to help accelerate that, get in touch.

What will OAreport cost?

We don’t have details yet. As with all OA.Works tools, we plan to provide a free tier that will enable anyone to advance open access. We’ll also provide a paid for tier with flexible pricing for institutions who want more than we can provide freely.

What data does OAreport use?

OAreport will use all the sources listed on our infrastructure page, manual extraction where required, and your internal sources (e.g finance systems, previously generated lists etc).

Will OAreport help even if we don’t have a policy?

We’re not sure, but we have plans for something that could. Get in touch.

What type of policies will OAreport cover?

Funder, university, and government Open Access policies globally.